Social Security Disability Attorneys

social security lawIf you are facing any disability challenge, we understand that you are challenged both psychologically and physically. To struggle with a grave injury, a newly identified sickness, a degenerative disease, among other forms of disabilities is challenging for you and your loved ones. It is even more challenging with the rising medical bills, family managing responsibilities, as well as meeting other financial obligations with no sufficient income or resources. However, social security disability benefits can give you the income you require. The problem is that their rate of initial claims denial is very high. Most people end up discouraged says Peter Catania of Catania & Catania, a social security disability law firm.

We have the best social security disability attorneys who can help you receive your benefits. It does not matter whether your claims in the past have been denied. We can assist you. Our attorneys are well experienced in social security law. Our case managers are well qualified and can provide clients with high-quality services. Our lawyers are conversant with legal theories relevant to social security law and rules of evidence. They have knowledge in other areas of the law relating to your case and are experts in brief writing and strong in cross-examination. An attorney will handle your case. In addition, a case manager will be assigned to your case. He/she will conduct you time after time and talk to the Social Security Administration on you behalf. Your case manager will as well advise you on approaching appointments and hearings


It is wrong for people with disabilities to be forced into homeless. It is also wrong to be denied healthcare after falling ill because of a disease or an injury mainly because you lack the money to pay for it. Children must never go hungry mainly because the parent is sick. Our believe is that as human beings we need to do the best we can to avoid disability injustice.