Workman Comp Laws in Florida

The workers compensation law also known as workers compensation insurance is a law that safeguards and provides benefits to workers regardless of the nature of their employment. The law provides assistance in terms of cash or medical care to workers who have been injured or fall sick during their duties in their respective jobs.


Any form of claim is usually paid if the insurance company or the employer agrees that the injury or illness was primarily work related. In circumstances where the employer disputes the claim and refuses to release any form of benefits, the worker can lodge a case in court. The compensation law judge usually listens and decides who is right and who ought to be paid. If the judge rules that the worker was injured in her day to day work, and the employer still refuses to own up, the Workers Compensation Board steps in. In situations where the board intervenes, it does so by determining if the insurer will release the cash benefits to the grieving worker. The board is usually state owned and it functions by processing any forms of claims or complaints.
A worker may still be eligible to receive disability benefits in situations where the insurance company and the employer still argue that the injury or illness is not work related. Any forms of payments made under the Disability Program are however subtracted from the workers futures compensation unlike when the employer wins the case.

In severe situations such as severe injuries leading to disabilities, the affected worker is usually subjected to extra compensations in terms of salary. This usually happens when the worker has reported back to work but some injuries are preventing him or her from perfectly performing her duties. The salary wages may accumulate to two thirds of the original compensation.
According to the current law, the employers but not the employees are subjected to pay for this insurance. On the other hand, any form of cash benefits are usually paid by the employer’s insurance company or carrier. Any forms of benefits are set by the Workers Compensation Board.