You’ve Filed For Divorce; What Happens Now?

file for divorceNobody ever said marriage was easy, and divorce certainly isn’t either. Coping with the emotional ramifications of your broken marriage can be difficult enough, but those nagging legal elements of a divorce unfortunately can’t be ignored for long.

Once you know that divorce is imminent for you and your spouse, your first step should be to hire a reputable divorce lawyer. These attorneys have mastered the legal aspects of divorce and will help you navigate through the many gray areas and complex matters that a divorce can entail.

Understand the Process

The very first thing to do with your Lakeland attorney is work to understand the divorce process and all that it entails. Making it through the divorce with a level head is much easier when you know what is coming and can prepare yourself financially and emotionally. Be sure to fully understand the laws in your exact state, the possible outcomes, length of time, and how clear communication will occur.

Weigh Your Options

Marital possessions, credit cards, bank accounts, home rights, debt, and child custody all come into play here. It’s not always as simple to separate these things as you’d like, so work to decide on what you hope to keep or give in the divorce terms, and how far you are willing to negotiate with your spouse if the terms aren’t agreed upon.

Formally File

As with any legal proceeding, paperwork isn’t exactly lacking during a divorce. Use your lawyer’s support to navigate through all of the important documents that you need to provide and sign. Insurance, pension, finances, real estate, business, and taxes are just a few of the requirements.

Be Amicable When Possible

Many divorce proceedings occur privately with both spouses and their attorney’s present if both parties agree to the terms. This is an ideal resolution if you and your spouse can work amicably. However, if no agreement can be determined, a trial is set for a judge to make the final decisions. While this route simplifies matters for spouses who are inclined to argue, it also means that the final bounds of a divorce were not chosen by either spouse and may be difficult to cope with.

Regardless of the direction your divorce takes, a trustworthy divorce attorney will help you navigate its complexities and handle each step of the process with assurance.